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Power whitening is a safe, non-invasive and pain-free tooth whitening procedure.

This modern cosmetic teeth whitening dental treatment is an in-office system, which means that your teeth are whitened while you relax in the dental chair, watching a movie using our DVD glasses or even whilst taking a nap. In just over an hour you will leave our practice with a whiter, brighter smile.

Power teeth whitening is ideal for patients that have tea, coffee, red wine or smoking stains on their teeth or for those who simply want to lighten their teeth and be confident to smile! Many people undergo power tooth whitening before big occasions (like their wedding day!) when they want to look their best!

The ultimate goal of power teeth whitening is to achieve your optimum level of natural whiteness. The results of tooth whitening will vary according to the shade of your natural teeth and what restorations you have in your mouth. The special tooth whitening gel, which is applied to your teeth during the procedure is designed to whiten natural tooth structure. Veneers, crowns and bridges will not change colour although some stains may be removed with power tooth whitening.

The length of time your teeth whitening results are expected to last vary depending on your lifestyle and how you mange your whitened teeth. Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking do stain teeth, however by maintaining regular hygiene appointments and practicing good hygiene maintenance at home, your teeth can stay white for up to two years. The practice can also provide you with a home whitening kit to compliment your power teeth whitening, which will enable you to ‘top-up’ your white smile.

YES. The power tooth whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which is the active ingredient in lightening your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide has been used to whiten teeth for over one hundred years, and various Universities and independent researchers have tested the safety of the low dose that is required for power teeth whitening. The studies found that using the power gel does not result in any change to the tooth structure, fillings or enamel. In other words, power teeth whitening is a safe and thoroughly tested procedure.

Power whitening is normally a painless procedure. A small percentage of patients may experience some cold sensitivity following the teeth whitening treatment, which is usually relieved by taking an analgesic and should subside within 24 hours.

Initially, it is best for you to book in to see the dentist for a free tooth whitening consultation. The dentist will take your medical history, look in your mouth to check for existing restorations and any tooth staining you may have and discuss your expectations with regards to the whitening procedure. If you are a suitable candidate for the power tooth whitening procedure, the receptionist will book you an appointment at a suitable time for you.

On the day of your whitening treatment, we will let you relax into the dental chair, provide you with a movie of your choice, and begin the procedure. The whitening procedure will involve polishing your teeth with a special gritty paste to remove any superficial staining or plaque. A protective barrier creme will be applied to your gums, lips and soft tissue to protect them. The power whitening gel will then be painted onto your teeth and the activation light will be turned on. This gentle light will shine on your teeth, activating the whitening gel to lighten your teeth.  And you will leave our dental practice with a bright, white and confident smile!

The dentist likes to review your teeth at a short appointment one week later.


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