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Restore chipped, fractured or damaged teeth with strong, long lasting dental crowns or bridges.

Crowns are an ideal restoration for teeth, which have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or by placing a very large filling. Root treated teeth may require a crown to protect the remaining tooth.

Crowns are made of a variety of materials and new materials are constantly introduced on the market. Different materials are used for different procedures.

The tooth will be prepared to the ideal shape of the crown. This will involve removing most of the outer surface of the tooth leaving a core. The thickness of the crown will be the same as the amount of tooth that has been removed.

Once the tooth is shaped an impression of the prepared tooth will be taken and one of the opposite jaw and another to mark the way you bite. All the impressions will be sent to the technician to reproduce a crown that fits the tooth. A visit to the laboratory will be needed to match the colour of the crown to the existing teeth. The prepared tooth will have a temporary crown fitted until the new crown is ready.

The treatment takes at least two visits to the surgery and one visit with the laboratory.


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